MINU/ for coloured hair

MINU/for coloured hair

With Salina Caper Blossom extract, Slow Food Presidium

Rich in quercetin, a powerful amino acid with a protective effect on the hair structure along with hair colour-protecting polyphenols.

A perennial bush of tropical origin, the caper has been growing around the Mediterranean basin form time immemorial: references to is use as a food and medicine are found in the Bible, in the works of Hippocrates, Aristotle and Pliny the Old.

The MINU family is made up of four products, a shampoo,  conditioner, hair mask, and hair serum.

MINU/shampoo: Illuminating and protective shampoo for cosmetic colour that give long-lasting shine.

MINU/conditioner: Illuminating and protective conditioner for cosmetic colour that give extra shine.

MINU/hair mask: Illuminating and restoring mask that gives extra shine and deep nourishment.

MINU/hair serum: Illuminating serum whose leave-in formula gives extra shine and extends the duration of cosmetic colour.

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