Trinity Dry Shampoo

A sweet citrus pick me up…No water needed!
A fresh and clear dry shampoo! Naturally absorbs dirt, oil and odor, kicks up volume and shine, leaving zero residue behind! This ultra-fine mist of Lemon, Minerals and Amaranth creates a healthy scalp while conditioning and refreshing hair between shampoo’s.

Use – Shake well. Hold can 6 – 8″ away from the head, spray onto dry scalp and hair. Lightly massage in. Style as desired. Use on freshly shampooed hair to add volume and texture.

An organic mineral fusion of volcanic ash featuring over 50 natural occurring minerals comprising a crystalline (clear) porous structure fuse with ocean water and lemon extract to cleanse and freshen the scalp and hair while absorbing free radicals and providing for a healthy scalp and hair. Certified organic, gluten free Amaranth Protein provides flexible strength while certified organic Babassu oil provides necessary `penetrating oils for moisture and antioxidants to protect and preserve hair color. Leaving hair natural to the touch while enhancing color and shine. Think of TRINITY DRY SHAMPOO as a ‘clear sponge’ that absorbs oil, dirt and odor while refreshing the scalp, protecting hair color and conditioning the hair.


1. Refresh Scalp and Hair for second day hair and beyond – Mist scalp and hair for instant freshness and style rejuvenation.
2. Add Life To Your Blowout: After investing time, energy and money in that great `blow out` add multiple day beauty“ by refreshing with Trinity Dry Shampoo.
3. Look Great After Physical Activities – No need to shampoo, simply refresh by misting scalp and hair with Trinity Dry Shampoo.
4. Refresh Extensions: Keep extensions looking great with fewer shampoos! Trinity Dry Shampoo adds new life to hair and extensions!
5. Boost your roots and fine hair: A quick mist of Trinity Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil at the scalp which provides for root boost and adds life to fine hair.
6. Home Care and Hospital Use. Refresh scalp and hair without the use of water.
7. Add natural volume to freshly shampooed hair!
8. Use on ALL HAIR TYPES. Refresh fine hair, coarse hair, short hair, long hair; curly and straight hair!

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