OI Oil

Who wants softer and smoother hair?

Formula designed to give extraordinary softness and shine to the hair, with an effective detangling and anti-frizz action. The film forming properties of the oil, together with intense antioxidant and anti-free radical action, protect the structure of the hair without weighing it down and considerably reduces drying time.

Active Ingredients:

Roucou Oil, breathable silicone oils that create a protective film on the hair structure without affecting the performance of subsequent treatments. Versatile products for all hair types.

How to use:

Apply 2-3 squeezes of the product evenly to the lengths and ends of towel dried hair. Proceed with Drying. When finished apply 2-3 squeezes of product to lengths and ends for dry hair. For fine hair use 1 squeeze of product; for normal hair use 2 or 3 squeezes and add more only if necessary.

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